Angel & Cordelia

Cordelia Chase and Angel first met in Sunnydale. Their interaction and contact was only rare, though.

It all changed, however, when they both moved to LA seperately from another. Angel saved Cordy from a vampire and she in return employed herself as his secretary. Thus, Angel Investiagtions was born. Over the time a deep friendship developed between the two. With every new obstacle it got closer and even Angel's dark period couldn't seperate them, as couldn't Cordelia's change into a Pylean princess. This friendship turned into more -- love. Both didn't realize it themselves, though. When they did, they got seperated once again, Angel in the ocean and Cordy up somewhere. This was followed by Cordelia being used by an evil entity doing numerous crimes to her family and many other people. When the evil being left the seer's body she fell into a coma, only waking once from it. She used her last everything to get her guy, Angel, back on track. A goodbye kiss and then the vampire got a call that Cordy had died without waking up.