In a graveyard Buffy is waiting for a vampire to rise when Angel suddenly turns up. Their talk soon develops into an argument. Buffy follows Angel when he's leaving but falls into an open grave. The coffin is empty and the body has apparently been forcefully removed.

Buffy catches Giles practising lines to ask Ms. Calendar on a date the next morning. After teasing him about it together with Xander she then tells him about past night's events. He doesn't really have an idea but thinks it is quite interesting.

The two leave in search of Willow to find out more about the dead girl from the grave. She's in the school hall singing up for the science fair and talking with Chris, the yearly winner, while his friend Eric is taking pictures of girls. Cordelia, Willow and Buffy are among those girls.They're for his private collection as he says.

Later in the library Willow discovers that the dead girl, Meredith Todd, died in a car accident with two other girls. Giles suggests that the girls could've been turned into zombies.

At night the three friends check out the cemeterary to see if the bodies of the other two girls are missing as well. Xander and Giles have to dig while Buffy talks with Willow about her problems with Angel, Cordelia and Daryl Epps, Chris' brother, who broke Cordelia's heart.

On the school grounds at the same time Cordelia is going to her car after her cheerleading practise. Sensing that someone is following her she tries to get into her car but loses the keys. She ends up hiding in a dumpster. After a while she opens it again once she thinks it's safe, only to be confronted with Angel standing in front of her. While helping her out they discover that the dumpster is full of body parts.

Back in the library the scoobies find the two waiting for them with their own findings. The zombie theory is quickly abandoned. While Buffy, Xander, Giles and Willow check the lockers of students in the science club, Angel brings Cordelia home. In Chris' locker they find medical books and an article about the accident of the three girls, in Eric's there's a collage of woman made of several pictures.

Somewhere else Chris is working on a body, only the head is still missing. Eric is laso there, hanging up photos of Willow, Cordelia and Buffy he'd just developed.

Giles is finally trying to ask out Jenny but is failing miserably. Luckily though, she asks him if they go to the football game this night.

In Chris' basement the guys are getting nervous because they're running out of time. Eric says they have to kill someone to get a head but Chris doesn't want to do that. Right then, Daryl comes out of the shadows looking like Frankenstein and tells his brother that he promised him that he wouldn't be alone anymore. Chris agrees to help him and Daryl chooses Cordelia as his girl.

Buffy, Xander and Willow have also learned that they still need a head in the meantime. Buffy wants to take care of the situation alone while Giles goes to the game. She goes to the Epps house and finds the cut up picture of Cordelia knowing they've got little time left.

Cordelia is trying to gt ready for the game in the locker room when suddenly Chris comes up behind her. He's diverting her attention, so that Eric can throw a bag over her head and drags her off. Right then Buffy comes in and saves her. While Buffy talks with Chris, Eric runs back to Daryl convinicing him that the two of them can finish it together.

Buffy and Chris head to his house, only to find it empty. The slayer soon realizes that they must have gone to the school to pick up where they left off.

Giles date with Jenny ends up with Xander and Willow joining and telling them about their latest findings. Under the stands Daryl is watching Cordelia and in the right moment grabs her. Her screams are drowned by a cheering crowd. Only a moment later Buffy and Chris arrive at the scene.

In the school's old science lab Cordelia finds herself lying on a table blindfolded. Eric is already setting up everything to behead her.

Eric has a knife in his hands and is leaning over Cordelia when Buffy arrives. Buffy tries to free the girl but Daryl doesn't give up and grabs a cleaver. They start to fight. A can of gasoline gets knocked over and gas is running out. Eric wants to run away but Daryl doesn't let him, knocking him unconscious instead.

While Buffy continues to fight with Daryl, a Bunsen burner falls to the floor. Xander tries to free Cordelia but he just can't rid of her bindings. So, he wheels her out of there. Willow and Giles get Eric out of the danger of the flames. Daryl is about to kill Buffy when chris speaks up. Only then Daryl notices 'his' body is surrounded by flames and runs to it -- right into the flames.

Back outside in safety Jenny, who was there with them, asks Giles for a second date. Cordelia is trying to thank Xander for saving her life but is rudely brushed off in favor of talking to Willow. Angel also arrives at the scene after seeing the fire.

Angel and Buffy talk on the grounds of a graveyard about the events. It's the very one where Daryl Epps is buried. The gravestone says 1978 - 1996.