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Angel and Cordelia are in the basement where he's teaching her how to fight with a sword. She doesn't like at all that he only plans to show her how to hold up until he comes to her rescue and tells him as much. He could be her adversary after all. Angel then proceeds to go with her trhough the exercise at a lower pace but quickly learns that this isn't necessary at all -- he finds himself against the wall with the sword only inches away from his throat.

Lilah finds Billy, the man Angel 'rescued' from a hellish prison, in Gavin Park's office. He'd been missing for three days. Congressman Blim, his uncle, comes to bring him home once again. Alone the female lawyer discovers that Billy didn't stay out of trouble at all. She's just telling Gavon to stay away from her clients when he suddenly attacks her physically.

While Angel and Gunn are playing a video game, Wesley and Cordelia are talking about her training and how good it seems to be for her. He suggest doing something similar with Fred but Cordy quickly realizes it's actually his way to get closer to the woman. She tells him to go for it and let Fred know his feelings, when she's hit by a vision. A man is attacking his wife -- but it already happened a weak before.

Later Wesley brings information about everything they need about the murdered wife. it turns out that he bought the files from a source. Short time later Angel discovers the reason for the attack in a photo of the surveillance camera -- Billy. cordy is blaming herself for the woman's death but Angel assures her that they're not at fault here.

A certain lawyer by the name Lilah Morgan is, however. He finds her badly beaten in her apartment warning him despite everything not to go near Billy.

Angel, Gunn and Wesley go to the Blim estate. While the vampire easily jumps over the tall gate, the other two have to stay behind. Just when Angel is starting to talk with Billy the police turns up. Apparently he'd called them about the location of a victim and is now taken into custody. The male officer wants to put Billy in cuffs but he assures him it's not necessary. While doing that he touches the man's wrist leaving a temporary red glow behind.

In the car the male officer is suddenly attacking his female colleague hitting her several times. Billy is sitting in the backseat satisfied.

Wesley learns that they woman, Billy said he'd killed, was murdered three days before. They know it'll be much easier for him here to escape his prison. Just when Angel is about to leave for the police precinct, Fred comes in thelling them Billy never got there due to an accident.

The team soon is at the scene. They find out that the female officer had to shoot her partner after being attacked by him. While Gunn goes to get more information from hospital staff or friends, Angel tells Wesley that some of the blood is Billy's and it's not human. On a wall not far away they find a bloody handprint and Wesley takes a sample from it to find out what creature Billy is.

Cordy is putting weapons into a bag to pay Lilah a visit. Fred tells her it would be better if she didn't do this but without use. The seer has just gone when Wesley comes back to the hotel seeking Fred's help. At the apartment Cordelia is demanding answers from Lilah, things she didn't tell Angel. She learns that it's Billy's touch that turns men into killers. Immediately she wonders why Angel isn't effected. The lawyer tells her that the touch works differently from male to male.

Meanwhile elsewhere: Angel questions a man after a cab driver attacked a female passenger. He wants to know his last stop before he snapped. Billy arrives at the suite of his cousin where a party is taking place. Fred and Wesley are examining the blood and find out that Billy's power is probably in his blood, saliva, sweat. Suddenly he's getting all weird, demanding answers about Cordelia's whereabouts, threatening, scaring her deeply. He even hurts her physically but then lets her escape upstairs.

Angel arrives at the same place as Billy. When he tells Dylan, the cousin, that he would love to kill him, he lets him in without hesitating. The vampire learns that the whole family knows about Billy's touch and to never let him get close. He also discovers that Cordelia has been there before him. She already knows about Billy's next stop -- an airport.

Welsey follows Fred upstairs carrying an ax. He pushes open door after door and finds her hiding under a bed. He attacks her again but this time she fights back and can escape once again.

At the airport Cordy find Billy. They're noth not in the mood to talk. So, she first hits him with a tazer and then points a crossbow at him. Billy tries to provoke her with words but without success. He doesn't believe she's got it in her to kill himself but he's wrong. Cordelia is about to shoot him when Angel appears. Before he can do anything else Billy touches is face leaving red marks behind.

Fred is still running from Wesley -- and straight into Gunn. He pulls her down another corridor and into an different room. There she explains everything to him only to realize after a moment that Gunn is effected as well. Wesley is already hacking at the door with his ax.

Angel seemingly threatens Cordelia but it's all a ploy; he doesn't have an power over the vampire. They start to fight. First Angel has the upper hand. But then Billy smashes his hands on the ground, they glow red and suddenly he can toss Angel around with ease.

To save Fred, Gunn breaks a chair so that she can knock him over with it, protecting her from himself and his anger. She needs several times until he's finally out cold. Just then Wesley breaks through the door with his ax. He's threatening her once again but this time she's prepared; a fire extinguisher swings free, hits him in the face and breaks through the rotten floor.

Cordelia grabs her crossbow and tries to get a clear shot while the two fight but it's impossible. Then gun shots tear through the night and Billy falls to the ground dead. It was Lilah.

Angel and Cordy are once again training in the basement. She's still wondering why he wasn't infected and he reveals that he lost the hatred Billy brought out a long time ago. The seer admits that she's getting accustomed to be creeped out and comforted at the same time.

Fred is visiting Wesley who hasn't been to the office for days. He's incredibly sorry but she doesn't want to hear it, says they want him to come back. She can't convince him though, he is unsure of himself, fear the violence is in himself. Still, he finally agrees to return and she leaves. The door closes and soon after she hears Wesley crying. She hesitates for a moment but leaves then.