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Cordy: "Ahhh, you must be all worn out from sleeping for the last three days. (to Wesley) It's like living with the world's oldest teenager - he can't be having a growth spurt at two hundred and forty-eight, could he?"
Angel: "Two hundred and forty-seven."

Cordy: "What if every time you identified the demon in one of your big old books, we gave you ten bucks or a chicken pot pie."

Angel: "Are you all right? You're sure you don't want to sit down?"
Cordy: "If I sit I throw up in my head."

Angelus: "Visions. She sees the future. She is pure innocence, yet she sees what's coming, she knows what I'm going to do to her. I'll really have to come up to snuff for this one."
Darla: "Down boy, let the plum ripen."

Angel: "It was Darla. She's back - and she's human now - but I know her scent."
Wesley: "Angel - you can't just - sniff a person and know..."
Angel: "You had sex last night, with a bleached blonde."
Wesley: "Good Lord, how'd you...?"
Cordy: "That's unbelievable. I didn't think you ever had sex."

Cordy: "Angel Investigations, we solve big problems for small prices."

Cordy: "We're researching her now to see if maybe she has some kind of resurrection powers. Maybe she was a vampire cat with nine lives or something."
Gunn: "So he and Darla together, bad combo."
Wesley: "They rampaged through half the known world until Angel got his soul."
Cordy: "Imagine Bonnie and Clyde if they'd had a hundred and fifty years to get it right."

Kate: "Word to the wise, Charles, hanging out with these two and their creature-of-the-night boss won't be good for the resume."
Gunn: "I can see you're looking out for me, detective."

Darla: "What a poster child for soulfulness you are. This is no life Angel! Before you got neutered you weren't just any vampire, you were a legend! Nobody could keep up with you -- not even me. You don't learn that kind of darkness. It's innate. It was in you before we ever met. You said you can smell me? Well, I can smell you, too. My boy is still in there and he wants out!"

Cordy: "We didn't see you all day, we were just wondering if everything was, you know, copacetic."
Angel: "I didn't go bad, Cordelia."
Cordy: "I was never worried about that, boss. Of course Mr. Fussy Pants here always imagines the worst."

Wesley: "Angel - be careful."
Angel: "What do you mean?"
Wesley: "Well, it's just -with Darla back, in league with Wolfram and Hart there are a lot of forces arrayed against you. There's going to be trouble."
Angel: "Yeah. There's gonna be a lot of trouble and I say bring it on."