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Cordelia and Wesley are bickering once more when a vision hits her. While they try to find out where the event is taking place, Angel imagines Darla with him right there.

A while later the three as well as Gunn arrive at a convent just when two groups of robed men are fighting against each other in front of a slimy demon. They guess it's a thrall demon and decide to kill it. Suddenly it discovers the intruders and all the cloaked men are coming at them. A big fight ensues until Gunn can kill the demon with his ax. Everyone apart from Angel stops attacking immediately.

While the others are on their way home with his car, he goes by foot. On the promenade he sees a woman who looks very much like Darla.

The Past. Angelus is walking down a street. He meets with Darla who's just killed two people. She shows him a family with three daughters. One of them can look into the future; it's Drusilla. Angelus is immediately intrigued by her.

On the promenade Angel is losing sight of Darla. She's gone.

Cordelia and Wesley are talking with a potential new customer about his case -- his wife has supposedly been abducted by aliens. Angel rather thinks she's cheating on him and tells the man exactly that. Cordelia makes it claer to the vampire that he shouldn't be talking with pqying customers like that. He isn't really listening, though, but smelling and touching her hair. With Wesley there he tells them about Darla -- in his dreams and in reality. They don't believe him.

Darla is with Lindsay in his office talking about the recent developments with Angel. Meanwhile Kate receives a note that Angel has moved along with an address and a picture of the hotel.

Cordelia is working as a waitress in a hotel; the others are from other places in it. They're investigating the case of the missing woman. She indeed has an affair. Angel ruins the case, however, when he confront the woman telling her to go home and talk with her husband. Cordy and Wesley are confronting him about this when Angel spots Darla. He goes and tries to talk with her but she claims to be DeEtta Kramer.

Back at the hotel they all don't quite know what to do with the situation. While Wesley and Cordelia are doing a search, the vampire tries a different approach -- he's singing in Lorne's demon bar. The host isn't giving him any information however, only states that this is the wrong way to go. Angel isn't listening and instead calls the hotel to get the address of DeEtta Kramer from Cordy.

A while later he's outside a house watching what's happening inside. What he doesn't know is that the supposed husband is an actor and that it was all a plan but Darla and Lindsay.

The Past. Angelus informs Darla that he'll make Drusilla a vampire. She thought he'd killed her already.

Angel is still watching Darla and the actor inside the house. Then the plan is set into motion. Darla is calling 911, screaming about someone breaking in and trying to kill them. Her vampire guar is killing her 'husband'. Angel storms in just a moment before the police arrive.

The police try to arrest Angel but he can escape. Kate also arrives and talks with Darla. When she turns around Angel grabs Darla and leaves with her.

In the meantime Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia are interrogated by Kate to tell her about Angel's whereabouts. They don't say a word. They instead show her a picture of Darla from a long time ago trying to convince the cop that Darla is a vampire and that Angel is one of the good guys. They're not really successful.

Angel is bringing Darla to the water tank, the former convent. He tries to bring out the real Darla -- and he does. Then he kisses her but stops. He tells her that soon, she'll know what it's like to have a soul, how the memories will eat at it. She doesn't listen, wants to make him happy. Angel reveals that she never made him happy in all the time he's known her.

It's become day already. Angel and Darla are still talking in the tank. He's telling her again that she'll feel the pain of getting the actor killed soon. She still doesn't believe him. Angel threatens Darla that he'll kill her if she hurts anyone. She leaves afterburning him with a cross and saying that God doesn't want him but she still does.

Angel is brooding up in his room. Cordelia and Wesley come in to make sure he didn't go evil. He tells them as much. They all know that there's a lot of trouble ahead.