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Lewis is a British television detective drama made as a spin-off from Inspector Morse. Like that series, it was set primarily in Oxford. Kevin Whately reprised his character Robert "Robbie" Lewis, who had been Morse's sergeant in the original series. Lewis had now been promoted to detective inspector and was assisted by DS James Hathaway, portrayed by Laurence Fox, who is also promoted to Inspector in the eighth series, airing in 2014.

The series was produced for ITV. Following the broadcast of a pilot in 2006, a first series of three episodes was broadcast in February and March 2007. A second series of four episodes was broadcast in early 2008. A third series of four episodes was broadcast on ITV from March to April 2009, but this was not shown in Scotland. A fourth series was broadcast throughout the UK (including ITV HD where available) from 2 May 2010, a fifth series from 3 April 2011, and a sixth series from 16 May 2012, each again of four episodes. The seventh series was broadcast from 7 January to 11 February 2013, and consisted of three two-part stories. This series was thought to be the last until Laurence Fox confirmed in a radio interview that an eighth and final series would appear in 2014.

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Detective Inspector Robert Lewis  (Kevin Whately) Widowed after his wife was killed in a hit and run car accident, Inspector Lewis is a workaholic. He often shows an uncanny intuition in solving murder cases. He is the father of two children, one of whom is his daughter Lynn (not seen) who is married and expecting a baby. He often shows an open disdain for what he feels is the arrogance of Oxford University's professors.

Detective Inspector James Hathaway  (Laurence Fox) DI Hathaway is a very private person, often hiding his feelings or past to Lewis, even when it is relevant to a murder investigation. This tendency of Hathaway has caused some tension between the two. Educated in Cambridge, Hathaway is the more erudite of the two, often knowing the source of various quotes and obscure knowledge frequently cited by those being investigated. Prior to joining the police force, Hathaway had originally moved to Oxford to enter a Catholic seminary but left for reasons that are never made completely clear, though there are hints that it may have been over doubts about organised religion. Hathaway was a Detective Sergeant until the final series, scheduled to be completed in 2014, in which he is promoted to the rank of Detective Inspector following a short break from the police.

Dr. Laura Hobson  (Clare Holman) A forensic pathologist. Romantic tensions exist between Dr. Hobson and Lewis. Hobson is single and childless, and like Lewis and Hathaway, is dedicated to her job to a point that it interrupts many of her personal plans. She and Lewis do become a couple during the series' seventh series.

Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent  (Rebecca Front) The senior officer supervising Lewis and Hathaway. When Lewis returned from his overseas secondment Innocent was not convinced that Lewis would be of value but he proved himself to her on his first case. Innocent is frequently at odds with Lewis over his investigation style.

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Lewis premiered in 2006 on ITV. It is currently in it's eight season. Please click here to learn more about each season and its episodes.

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