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It's the aftermath of the events taking place at Emily and Richard's wedding vow renewal. Luke is asking for time to think about things from Lorelai while Rory is waiting for a call from Logan.

Back at work Lorelai is planning on hosting a breakfast for a group of girls and their dolls. She then tells Sookie about everything that has transpired but she can't tell her either how much time is enough. Meanwhile Rory and Paris or moping around. They even go as far as asking some girls for love advice.

Lorelai discovers that Taylor has made blue and pink ribbons for the twon people to show on whose side they're on. Furiously she enters his market but postpones the talk when she spots Luke. However, things turn from bad to worse when he tells her that he can't be in this relationship because it's too much for him and leaves. Rory takes a leap and calls Logan. They agree to hang out and that she should come over to his dorm. When she arrives, she discovers that it's not a meeting between the two of them but rather a poker party with a group of other people around.

The following morning Lorelai is missing at the inn, desperately wanted for the little girls' breakfast and Sookie can't reach her. Rory wakes up at Logan' dorm where the guys are still playing poker. A moment later she gets a call from Sookie, who tells her that she needs to go home. Unfortunately she doesn't have her car. So, Logan ends up offering her his limo with a driver.

When Rory arrives in Stars Hollow she finds her mom in bed crying. Despite her best efforts she's unable to make her feel better. On a mission Rory goes out - with the help of Lane - to get her mother supplies for sustenance and entertainment. At Doose's she also takes the ribbons away from Taylor angrily.

With everything set up Lorelai send Rory back to Yale. In a moment of weakness and desperation she then calls Luke because she needs a friend, forgetting that it's because of him she's in this situation. When she realizes this, she runs to his apartment to get the tape from the answering machine.

Rory goes to Logan to tell him she is back with Frank. They get talking about their apparent misunderstanding over the term 'hanging out' and agree that they want to see each other, with others or alone. They kiss and decide to meet again the coming Saturday.

When Lorelai gets home again, Luke is already there. He was worried. She gives him the tape and tells him she'll respect his decision to discontinue their relationship from now on.