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Angel is dreaming about chasing a girl and then draining her mercilessly. At the same time Kate Lockley find exactly this girl in a crime scene. Her cheek is marked with a cross.

Wesley is once again drawn to the office but leaves again quickly after reading the headline of the latest newspaper.Not soon after Angel goes to Kate Lockley and catches sight of some photos from past night's murder.

Welsley returns to the office after having found out that these murders are the same as many committed by Angelus in the late 1700's. He tells Cordelia about his finding but she doesn't want to hear any of it. That is until Angel confirms all of Welsey's suspicions. He then also informs them about his dreams and the fact that he's not sure if he doesn't really commit these crimes. Possibly he's killing these girls while sleepwalking.

To make sure it isn't Angel they're chaining him to his bed. Again he's dreaming, but this time of events long past. In the morning the newspaper says there was another killing. So, it couldn't have been Angel. Despite that, he says it was him. It turns out that the girls are murdered by a vampire named Penn, sired by Angelus more than 200 years ago.

Angel then goes to Kate to warn and help her in finding the guy. He gives her a drawing of Penn and also reveals that he knows who his next victim will be. Kate then briefs her officer with these information.

At night Penn lures a boy into an alley and bites him. The police can stop him though and the vampire has to escape into an abandoned building.

Kate follows him into the warehouse. She fires with her gun at him but has to learn that this weapon is useless. She thrown across the room and moments later Angel comes crashing through the ceiling. The two fight but Penn can get away. In this moment Kate is shocked to see that Angel isn't as human as she though. Still, she doesn't want to completely beleive that vampires exist.

Penn shows up at the office with only Cordelia there. He tires to get information out of her but she quickly realized who he really is. Wesley comes in at the wrong time and Penn takes him hostage. No one gets hurt and Penn leaves once again.

That night Kate goes to a bookstore to learn more about vampires. Angel goes to her but she refuses his help.

Cordelia finally discovers where Penn is living. Wesley and Angel go there but the room is empty. They find, however, plans that he wants to kill school children. It's red herring, however. Penn is at the police station, attacks the officers there and then kidnaps Kate.

He's dragging her through the sewers not expecting Angel to turn up as soon as he does. They fight again, this time harder, till death. All the time Angel keeps looking at Kate. Suddenly she rams a large piece of wood right through Angel's stomach -- and into Penn's heart. Penn is dust; Angel sinks to the floor in pain; Kate slides down not far away.

Angel is sitting on the roof of their building when Cordelia appears. He's deep in thought, not sure if anything ever really changes. She tells him, that it does, that she knows he's not this killer anymore, and that, should the day ever come he'll turn into Angelus again, she'll stake him. After all, they're friends.