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Stars Hollow is the fictional town in Connecticut from the Tv show Gilmore girls. According to street signs it was founded in 1779 and has a population of 9,973 (season 1).

In the centre of the town is a gazebo. There stands the its Liberty Bell sign that says, "The bell at Stars Hollow was cast in 1780 to celebrate the first anniversary of the town. The bell cracked the first time it was rung and weighed 2080 pounds. The strike of the bell is E-flat. On June 6, 1944 when Allied forces landed in France, the sound of the bell was broadcast to all parts of the country."

Around this centre there are various places that are important places for the show. The most famous is probalby Luke's Diner, here the girls go for their caffeine and food fix. Other often seen and heard of places are Miss Patty's Dance Studio, Kim's Antiques, Doose's Market, Taylor's Ice Cream Shoppe, Weston's Bakery, Stars Hollow Books, Gypsy's, and Al's Pancake World.

The town and its inhabitants are know for their quirky traditions amd habits, like the re-enactment of Battle of Stars Hollow or its very own troubadours.

More info can be found at Wikipedia: Stars Hollow.