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Cordy: "Demons, Demons, Demons. Wow! They put a lot of thought into *that* title."
Wesley: "It's a demon database. What would you call it?"
Cordy: "I don't know. How about -- Demon Database?"
Wesley: "Ahh! A name rife with single entendre."

Cordy: "There is always slime. This is why I don't gamble. You make a small wager one day, a bigger one the next, and before you know it Beetlejuicy albino comes a knocking! Claws or hands?"
Wesley: "He wrote claw-like hands."
Cordy: "Could be a mixed breed. Smell?"
Wesley: "Sulfuric."
Cordy: "Add a Porsche and hair-plugs and I've dated this guy -- a lot. Other distinguishing characteristics?"
Wesley: "An eerie high-pitched howl or wail. I'm assuming that's when it's preparing to fight or mate."
Cordy: "Okay, first I say 'yuck' and then I hit search."

Cordy: "We should put out a missing persons."
Wesley gets up: "He's only been gone one night."
Cordy: "One *long* night, during which he was supposed to check in with us and didn't. And he's not someone who tans well."

Cribb: "Idiot! He thinks he can get out of this by pulling a Ghandi!"

Cordy: "We've got to get Angel out of there!"
Wesley: "I know. And to do that we have to get him out of those wrist-cuffs. No mean feat. They were forged by ancient sorcerers."
Cordy: "So get an ancient key!"
Wesley: "I might be able to make one myself, if I could get my hands on one of those cuffs. Which isn't going to be easy unless you happened to procure one while I wasn't looking. Well done!"

Wesley: "Excuse me. Psst. Come here. Yes, you. I need to see Angel. Tall fellow, prominent brow."

Cordy: "Well, I mean, beyond the slavery and the severe beatings and stuff. Wesley came up with the key!"
Wesley: "But Cordelia came up with the key to the key! In a clinch moment."
Angel: "You both did great. And I think we did a good thing here tonight."
Wesley: "Yes. We set the captives free."
Cordy: "Well, actually, didn't we set a bunch of demons free?"
Wesley: "Oh. Well. Technically, yes."