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Cordelia is checking out a demon database she's just discovered and at the same time bickering with Wesley about his lack of social life. Angel comes in trying to get them to stop when a man enters the office. He looks pretty beat-up and nearly collapses. The man, Darin Macnamara, tells them that his brother Jack had been kidnapped the previous night. This morning he also found a box with a finger in his mailbox.

Darin proceeds to show them pictures of his brother. He doesn't know what the kidnappers want, even if he watched how these creatures dragged his brother away after Jack called him about having a problem with a bookie.

While Cordelia and Wesley are trying to find out who or what took the man away, Angel goes to have a talk with said bookie. The vampire finds out that it's no longer about the money he owes many people but about making an example. After bribing the guy with money Angel also knows where to find Jack. Meanwhile Cordelia discovered that the kidnappers were Howler demons.

Angel reaches Beechwood Canyon and climbs into the sewers. There, a Howler demon tells him that Jack has been sold. So, he breaks into the building as he doesn't have a ticket to be let in. In one room two demons are fighting in a pit, onlookers demanding the killing blow. A man throws in a knife and the demon still standing kills the other cutting his throat.

Then Angel spots a blonde man looking like the Jack from the photos. He follows him and some other men down a corridor. He soon has to learn that it was all a set-up and he tries to fight them. However, the men stick him with cattle prods rendering him unconscious.

Later the vampire wakes up in a cage with a silver bracelet around his wrist. He tries to talk with the demons in the other cages around him but they don't react. Jack comes in telling them that they can't escape due to the red line on the ground that would kill them if they don't stay inside the marked area. The wristband only comes after after 21 kills; Angel doesn't want to kill anyone.

Wesley and Cordelia are worried where Angel is since he's been missing for one night. Cordelia is sure something is very wrong. Their client isn't answering their phone calls. So, Wesley goes out to follow Angel's steps starting with the bookie.

The slaves are getting something to eat. Angel doesn't take anything. He helps a demon who got his food taken away by another. Later on he tells the vampire that he shouldn't have done this and let sleeping dogs lie. While Jack announces the next fights a demons launches himself across the room but disintegrates when crossing the red line. Angel his to take his place.

Wesley reaches Ernie, the bookie, while he's beating another man. He's threatening him with shooting his gun out of his hand with a crossbow. Initimidated enough Welsey gets the chance to aks about Angel's whereabouts.

Angel still doesn't want to fight even though he's warned that he doesn't have much of a choice. Still, inside the ring he's doing as he said. The other demons watching the fight can't quite believe their eyes at this.

Cordy and Wesley are dressed up trying to get into the club. They approach a coule acting as police officers. They convince them that something will happen tonight and that it would be safer for them not to be here. They give the two their tickets.

Inside Cordy soon discovers Darin, the missing client. Then they spot the pit where Angel is still not fighting. Then a knife is once again dropped into the ring. Finally the vampire is reating and kills Baker, his opponent. Wesley and Cordelia can only look on helplessly.

Walking back to the other demons Angel tries to convince Trepkos, who's next, to not fight but no one listens to him. Trepkos kills Malish, te other fighter, quickly.

Cordy and Wesley are back outside. Both know they have to do something very soon. They need a key for those bracelets. The former watcher is sure he can find one if he got one of those bracelets. Luckily Cordy has taken one when no one was looking.

In the barracks Angel is once again trying to get himxself out if thhe situation. At dinner time he suddenly grabs Jack while he's telling him he's just like any other demon. He asks the others for help but they don't -- again. Darin wants Angel to let him go. When he doesn't the guards simply shoot Jack dead. One bullet hits Angel in the shoulder and the guards run up to him to knock him out with the catlle prods.

A while later he wakes up in an office opposite a dark-haired woman, Liliah Morgan from Wolfram&Hart. She tells him that his contract has been bought by the partners and that he's free now -- under the condition that he's not saying a word about the club and the fights. He doesn't accept but wants to be taken back.

In the meantime Cordy and Wesley are working on opening the bracelet. They need something that will conduct electricity. So far they were unsuccessful. Cordelia finally comes up with the solution, horsehair. The bracelt opens with a short zap.

Back in the barracks Angel learns that he's up against Trepkos next time and that he'll probably be the other demons 21st kill.

Angel and Trepkos enter the ring. The vampire tells the other demon that he'll always be a slave. Trepkos doesn't care and starts to fight. Again Angel only acts defensively.

Cordy and Wesley are back inside the building. Wesley wants to free the other demons when they help each other but one just takes the horsehair key away.

To make the fight more interesting guards drop wooden staffs into the pit. Both take one and the fight continues. Cordy is watching all this when Wesley finds her. She tells him that Angel doesn't have much time left and that they've got to do something.

The vampire has lost his staff and Trepkos stabs him in the gut with his. He still manages to fight the demon off. He breaks Trepkos' staff in two then pulling out the one part stuck inside him and pressing it against his opponent's throat. But he doesn't, instead he throws the stick away. The other demon sees his chance beating the crap out of Angel who isn't even reacting anymore. To everyone's surprise he's not killing him thought but stops as well.

Darin is about to send guards to them whe Wesley threatens him with a gun to stop this. Suddenly the door bursts open and all the other demons storm into the arena. Darin uses Wesley's distraction and grabs the gun. The two struggle over it.

Below a demon unlocks Angel's bracelet. All the onlookers are leaving the room, Lilah being one of the last. When Darin manages to get the gun and is about to shoot Wesley Cordelia suddenly pushes him over the railing.

Darin points the gun at Trepkos but he has no chance. Angel is holding his nad down while a bracelet is put around his wrist. Then Trepkos throws Darin upwards. He disintegrates when he's passing the red line around the pit.

Cordy and Wesley have to support Angel on the way to the car. The vampire is glad they found him in time and says they both did good work. The did a good thing there tonight setting the captives free, even if they were demons.