Wedding Bell Blues

The girls are spending an evening together, planning a session of 'Cop Rock'. However, they're interrupted by Emily. At first it only seems that something is wrong with her wedding dress but, later on, Rory and Lorelai have to throw her an impormptu bachelor party, inviting all their Stars Hollow friends.

The next morning, the time has come for Emily and Richard to renew their marriage vowal. Lorelai is going to be maid of honor and Rory will be the best man at the ceremony. Afterwards at the reception, Luke gets to know about some of the weirdnesses of the Gilmore family. Chris also is there, and he's not happy to see Lorelai with Luke. Meanwhile, Rory has spotted Logan. She follows him around the room and sees him sitting with a blonde. She doesn't like this at all.

Chris leaves the room for a while, after watching Luke and Lorelai dancing happily. He's soon joined by Rory. In a quiet moment he tells her about the first kiss he and her mother shared. Lorelai had just walked up to him and kissed him. It apparently makes Rory thinking about her own situation with Logan.

When Rory return to the reception hall, she goes staright to Logan and confronts him. She then asks him to dance. During their dance she inquires why he has never asked her out so far as he seems to like her. Logan admits that in contrary to her he's not type for a serious relationship. Still, Rory persists and suggests a no-string deal because she wants to spend more time with him. They leave to a private room, where Rory indeed kisses Logan first.

Back in the hall, Chris, Lorelai and Luke have another conversation filled with awkward tension. It's interrupted by Marilyn asking for Rory as it's time to take some pictures. Lorelai goes in the direction she gets pointed to, Luke and Chris hot on her heels. She finds her daughter and Logan in the middle of making out. Both men yell at Logan but Lorelai manages to push them both out of the room again.

Then, the situation escalates when Chris says that Rory is none of Luke's business and that his relationship with Lorelai is not going to last. Luke has enough and leaves. Lorelai tries to follow Luke but back in the reception hall she is forced to take pictures with Emily, Richard and Rory. When Lorelai stands beside her mother, she makes it clear that this was one meddling too much.


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