→ This marks the 100th episode of Gilmore Girls.

→ The song that Richard and Emily first dance to (about the man named Bill) is called Wedding Bell Blues by Laura Nyro, which is undoubtedly where the title of the episode comes from.

→ This marks the beginning of Rory and Logan as somewhat of a couple.

→ In this episode Rory's burning CDs by Arcade Fire, Super Furry Animals and Brian Eno.

→ Scored 5.9 million viewers in first broadcast.

→ The Futon Critic ranked this episode #17 of the top episodes of 2005.

→ The same location used for this episode was used in two other episodes: Rory's Dance in season 1 and Presenting Lorelai Gilmore in season 2.

→ Chris ruins another one of Lorelai's relationships.

→ The wedding scenes were filmed at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles.


→ When Luke is on the phone with the boating suppliers, the camera shows behind the counter, and you can see a Luke's takeout bag standing up on the shelf underneath. Luke later hands Lorelai a bag of donuts, and when the camera shows them kissing, you can see behind the counter and the bag isn't there.

→ When Christopher walks into the wedding, Lorelai is surprised to see him, however Christopher was invited by Emily and so shouldn't Lorelai have noticed his name when she was attempting to sabotage the seating chart the night before?

→ When Rory carries the waffle tower into the living room, the stack of waffles is unadorned. After Lorelai speaks to her mother, she sits on the couch. The waffles then have a dollop of whipping cream on them, but there is no whipping cream evident on the table. Explanation: It isn't a dollop of whipped cream on top of the stacks; Rory had taken two of the white powdered donuts and stuck one on each of the stacks and then stuck a mini-marshmallow inside of the donut.

→ In this episode, Richard and Emily are celebrating their 40th anniversary. And since Richard celebrated his 60th birthday two years earlier in a January 2003 third season episode that would have made him 22 when he got married.In the following season Emily mentions that she was 23 when they married.So while it has always been implied that Richard was older if this math is correct Emily is actually a year older than him!

→ In episode We Got Us a Pippi Virgin Lorelai tells Luke that she is an awkward winker, however, when she was walking down the aisle, she winks at him just fine.

→ The song that plays while Emily and Richard dance is called Wedding Bell Blues (hence the title of the episode) and is sung by Fifth Dimension.

→ When Luke storms out on Lorelai and Chris, Lorelai is only about a meter or two behind but when she goings into the grand hall he is no where to be seen.

→ Lorelai and Rory plan a girls night to watch a Cop Rock marathon. Kathleen Wilhoite who plays Liz Danes, Luke's sister was a regular guest star on Cop Rock.

→ When Rory kisses Logan a second time to prove he's not "kissing a guy", notice that Rory's right hand is on his neck, but when the shot switches to Logan, her hand is somewhere on his arm.


Lorelai: Mom it's a pretend wedding, J.Lo has them all the time.
→ Alludes to Jennifer Lopez' somewhat Elizabeth Taylor-like history with men.

Emily: Maybe I should take a Seconal.
Lorelai: Excellent idea, Judy.
→ Judy Garland died of an overdose of Seconal, a barbiturate.

Lorelai: And over here we have the Romanov table.
→ The Romanov family were Tsars of Russia until the 1917 revolution.

Rory: Do you like my suit?
Christopher: I do. It's very Bugsy Malone.
→ Bugsy Malone is a gangster movie where all the gangsters are children.

Lorelai: (to Rory) Hey, aren't you the culture Queer Eye guy?
→ A reference to Rory in her suit looking like Jai, the culture expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Marylin: (to Luke): Gardeners are very in now.
→ Not only a reference to John and Gabrielle from the TV show Desperate Housewives, but also a reference to DJ and Marissa on the TV show The O.C.

Lorelai: Ab-Fab, sweetie darling.
→ Refers to the BBC comedy series Absolutely Fabulous. The queen of excess, Edina "Eddy" Monsoon, and her Ivana Trump lookalike best friend Patsy "Pats" Stone, frequently call each other "sweetie darling."

Episode Title: Wedding Bell Blues
→ The title refers to a 1967 hit song by The 5th Dimension. It is also the very same song that plays while Emily and Richard dance after the ceremony. Another popular alternative name of the song was "Marry Me, Bill", so Richard announces that his name was - only for that night - Bill, and this is their song. He says Emily used to came to love the song because it soothed Lorelai who had ear infections as a small child. Lorelai references these ear infections in Love and War and Snow.