I love websites. I love creating websites. Oh, the possibilities. But if I wanted to create and maintain all the website ideas I have, the day would need 48 hours at the least. So, I have been designing and closing things. Tastes and opinions change just as life does. I'm putting emphasis on the things I love the most and limit it to that.


  • owned websites
  • owned blogs

this is how it all began

I bought my first domain – blue-rain.org – and webspace on June 25, 2004. It was my very first paid one and I was really happy with it, never having any problems at all. I was a satisfied customer. However, space and bandwidth were very limited. So, I was looking for a change to keep up with my expanding site. Plus, I was getting tired of managing my fanlistings by hand. So, I was happy to find a package which inlcuded databases and PHP. On July 21, 2008 I finally bought a plan with a different host. I was not able to move my domain name as well. Since I still liked the name very much, I changed it only slightly to what it now still is, in-blue-rain.org.

So why the name? The reason is pretty simple. I've always wanted something with blue because of the double meaning with the color and as synonym of sad. It's kind of lame butI really like the sound of these two words together. Other than that, there is no deeper meaning to it.

This is version 14 of Blue Rain called Blue Skies. The first draft featured an images of sky and clouds, hence the name. I was not really happy with the look of it, so now there are different quotes about the sky in every section. There isn't much more to say about it. I tried to make it a full screen layout; it is not responsive with all screen sizes, though. I've incorporated a lot of thing I only learned about more or less recently, e.g. rounded corners and shadows.

I don't really want to display all my old layouts since many of them are... well, not pretty. I like to experiment with styles in my layouts to improve my skills and all. I feel that I've come quite far since my beginnings and would rather display my current works.