I love websites. I love creating websites. Oh, the possibilities. But if I wanted to create and maintain all the website ideas I have, the day would need 48 hours at the least. So, I have been designing and closing things. Tastes and opinions change just as life does. I'm putting emphasis on the things I love the most and limit it to that.


  • owned websites
  • owned blogs

short-term and long-term plans

To keep up with things I decided to write down the things I'm planning on doin with my websites/fanlistings. A lot of time has passed since I last updated a lot of them, especially with layouts. So, I'm hoping this might help things along a little.

Midnight Tears

  • update complete ✔

Striped Socks

  • new layout
  • redo and improve coding
  • maybe use Icon Sort
  • edit content pages like awards etc

Blue Rain

  • new layout ✔
  • redo and improve coding ✔
  • edit content pages ✔

new project

  • set up new website (layout, content, etc)


  • new layouts
  • more link codes
  • add content info where nothing yet
  • check/add affiliates