I love websites. I love creating websites. Oh, the possibilities. But if I wanted to create and maintain all the website ideas I have, the day would need 48 hours at the least. So, I have been designing and closing things. Tastes and opinions change just as life does. I'm putting emphasis on the things I love the most and limit it to that.


  • owned websites
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everything you never wanted to know about me

quick facts

name ⇢ Katie
birthday ⇢ 29th December
location ⇢ Germany
hobbies ⇢ reading, photography, traveling, graphic and web design


books, music, flowers, dogs, icecream, poetry, sunshine, chocolate, summer, Chinese food, smell of the ocean, PSP, autumn, biking, flying, reading, winter, alone time, jigsaw puzzles, spring, pictures, creativity, intelligence, beaches, honesty, acceptance, humor


stupidity, lies, blondies, environmental pollution, extermination of animals, bad fanart that's loved, sappy movies, pop-up ads, second-hand smoke, spam, hate, racism, elitism, cheating, dishonesty, bitchiness, arrogance