This is a list of Janne Ahonen's resluts in all the skijupming competition he started over the years. It's sorted by type and then by year.

Junior Skijumping World Championships

1993: gold medal with team in Harrachov/Czech Republic
1993: gold medal in Harrachov/Czech Republic
1994: gold medal with team in Breitenwang/Austria
1994: gold medal in Breitenwang/Austria

Skijumping World Championships

1995: gold medal with team in Thunder Bay/Canada
1997: gold medal with team in Trondheim/Norway
1997: gold medal in Trondheim/Norway
1999: three times fourth in Ramsau/Austria
2001: two silver medals with team in Lahti/Finland
2001: bronze medal in Lahti/Finland
2003: gold medal with team in Val di Fiemme
2005: silver medal with team in Oberstdorf/Germany
2005: gold and bronze medal in Oberstdorf/Germany

Skiflying World Championships

1996: silver medal in Bad Mitterndorf/Austria
2000: bronze medal in Vikersund/Norway
2004: silver medal in Planica/Slovenia
2004: silver medal with team in Planica/Slovenia
2006: silver medal with team in Bad Mitterndorf/Austria

Four Hills Tournament

1994/1995: third place
1997/1998: third place
1998/1999: winner
1999/2000: second place
2001/2002: twenty-sixth place
2002/2003: winner
2003/2004: fifth place
2004/2005: winner
2005/2006: winner
2006/2007: seventh place

Olympic Games

1998: fourth place in Nagano/Japan
2002: silver medal with team in Salt Lake City/USA
2002: fourth and ninth plalce in Salt Lake City/USA
2006:silver medal with team in Turin/Italy
2006: sixth and ninth place in Turin/Italy

FIS Summer Grand Prix

1999: third with two 2nd places
2000: winner with 5 victories
2001: 16th with one 3rd place
2002: 3rd with three 2nd places
2004: 31st with a 6th place (took part in only one competition)
2005: 25th with one 2nd place (took part in only one competition)
2006: 31th with one 3rd place (took part in only two competitions)


1993/1994: first victory in Engelberg/Switzerland; 10th in overall worldcup
1994/1995: 1 victory in Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Germany; 3rd in overall worldcup
1995/1996: 2 victories; 3rd in overall worldcup
1996/1997: 8th in overall worldcup
1997/1998: 1 victory in Lahti/Finland; 9th in overall worldcup
1998/1999: 6 victories in Chamonix/France, Harrachov/Czech Republic (2), Engelberg/Switzerland, Zakopane/Poland, Harrachov/Czech Republic and 7 second places; 2nd in overall worldcup
1999/2000: 2 victories in Villach/Austria, Lahti/Finland, 7 second places and 4 third places; 3rd in overall worldcup
2000/2001: 4 second places; 5th in overall worldcup
2001/2002: 1 third place; 15th in overall worldcup
2002/2003: 2 victories in Engelberg/Switzerland, Innsbruck/Austria and 2 third places; 4th in overall worldcup
2003/2004: 3 victories in Liberec (2) and Willingen; winner of the overall worldcup
2004/2005: 12 victories in Kuusamo (2), Trondheim (2), Harrachov, Engelberg (2), Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck, Willingen, Neustadt, 3 second places and 1 third place; winner of the overall worldcup
2005/2006: 2 victories in Oberstdorf, Bischofshofen, 5 second places and 2 third places; 2nd in overall worldcup
2006/2007: 8th in overall worldcup

Personal Records

longest jump: 240 m in 2005 in Planica/Slovenia
6 victories in a row
12 victories in one season (without championships)
four times champion at the Four Hills Tournament
96 times among the best three